Illustrations by

Deborah Petrucci


Organizing doesn't have to feel like work.  Whether creating an easy, functional closet, clearing your office papers and supplies, finding room for your car in the garage, or making more space for the important items in your life, organizing can be a very satisfying and constructive experience.  Starting slowly with small steps or tackling the biggest and most important area first, can easily build momentum for continuing with other projects and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. 
With Space By Design, Deborah will help you de-stress and create more time for living by:

•    Reclaiming your lost space by clearing out excess possessions.

•    Restoring order to your home so you know that everything has its place.

•    Saving money by knowing what you already own, instead of buying     

•    Saving the time normally spent on searching for that particular item.

•    Feeling more in control of your environment and less overwhelmed by the
     "to do list"

•    Being proud of your home.

•    Clearing your mind of the surrounding clutter to allow for more energy
      and a sense of calm.                   

A simple shift of furniture or multi-tasking an area can be the key to a more productive and comfortable lifestyle.  Within the organization process, 
Space By Design will:

•    Shop for storage containers necessary for optimizing any space.

•    Select furnishings and accessories for the completion and beautification of
      your home.

•    De-clutter to facilitate the sale of your home.

•    Assist in the calculation and purchase of closet/garage systems.

•    Provide a large list of donation organizations, so your unwanted items will
      help those in need, giving you the perfect reason to finally let go of things.    


Often the unpacking experience is so overwhelming that the longer it takes, the more possessions don't find a place in their new home, never to be found again.  Let Deborah and Space By Design offer an extra pair of hands so that every box is addressed.  Simple packing tips are provided to make the unpacking experience a breeze. 


Sometimes the collection is right but it needs to be highlighted to do it justice.  Deborah gives advice on furniture, space planning, hanging of artwork and creating beautiful ensembles, so that both prized and ordinary possessions glow.  She will shop from antique shops to bargain basements to find the perfect accessory for your home. Below, is an example of a decorative shopping excursion and arrangement of original and bought items to make the bookcase look beautiful.



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