before & after photos

"Deborah is so passionate about her work, that her enthusiasm and energy infuses the project.  She is tireless in her efforts, full of fresh, new ideas to problems, and is truly an inspiration."              

"She converted a messy, inaccessible outdoor toy and pool house storage room into neat, accessible areas by using inexpensive and efficient stacking baskets."

"Deborah has the capacity to be compassionate and caring which is important when working closely with people and their beloved personal belongings."                                                    ...Lynn T.

"Ms Petrucci always arrived on time...and came professionally equipped with the tools, catalogues, and innovative ideas needed to solve the multitude of projects we were addressing."

"She helped to redesign my closet space, which seems to have quadrupled...I can easily identify and access my belongings."

"Deborah did the research and purchasing of materials needed and helped with the installation, always anticipating "snags" presented by the existing construction..."                               ...Danille S.

"Deborah's energy, determination and enthusiasm not only got the job done, but somehow inspired me to take charge of my clothes closets."
"Understanding, reliable, efficient and patient, she creates a comfortable atmosphere while getting the job done quickly."                                                                                                      ...Bonnie B.
   Before basement
    After basement orderly & labeled
Before 6' closet shelves
After shelves divided into office, photos, books, etc.
  Before utility closet
  After utility closet with baskets of similar items
   Garage unable to fit the family car
  Ample room
   Linen closet
   Clearly defined and divided linens

Redesign & beautify any bookcase or space in your home, with my personal shopping and eye for design.
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