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Deborah Petrucci established Space By Design, a home organizing business, with the intention of helping people make their lives simpler, more efficient and ultimately more satisfying.  From unpacking to setting the last decoration on the bookshelf, she can assist you in all aspects.  Depending on your individual needs, Space By Design can be an all inclusive operation seeing you through the headache of unpacking from a move, eliminating unwanted items which accumulate in every household, organizing areas for utmost efficiency and extra space, or searching for that special piece which pulls it all together.  Let Deborah help you find the peace and clarity in your environment.

     "Goods must circulate…clean your drawers, the wardrobes, the workshop,
      the garage...give away what you don't use any longer...The attitude of
      keeping a heap of useless stuff ties your life down."
                                                             The Principles of Emptiness
                                                                 by Joseph Newton

Clutter can hinder the flow of your life, your thoughts and your new experience.   Imagine being able to put your fingers on everything you need at any moment.  Or maybe using the time normally spent on searching, on a newly found interest.  Just think of the additional space created for every person and every item in your household.  Less confusion, more living. 

     "It is necessary to make room, to leave an empty space in order to allow
      new things to arrive to your life."                                         
                                                             The Principles of Emptiness
                                                                  by Joseph Newton

Many of us don't have the time or skills necessary for organizing, decorating and shopping, or we simply don't know where to start. We would willingly live an organized and simplified life if someone would create a place for everything and a system to keep it that way.  Deborah offers a simple plan of action which will charge through the clutter and ultimately leave you with a clean slate. 

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